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Coming from a family of artists, Sonia was born with a brush in her hand and a palette of colors in the cradle.

Her varied career, strewn with pitfalls, has allowed her to develop a very personal sensitivity that transpires in each of her works.

Graduated from ENSAAMA Paris (National School of Applied Arts and Crafts), she first worked in advertising, doing several jobs there: Roughwoman, illustrator, model maker then artistic director, notably at Euro-RSCG (Havas).

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At the turn of the millennium, she co-created in Paris a tea room-art gallery “the Art Home Café” which she managed and artistic directed for eight years.

She often exhibited her own works there.

A few years later, she got involved in refloating a Chinese junk on the Seine "La Dame de Canton" mixing artistic events and gastronomy.

She created the visual identity and managed it until the end of 2018.

Since his establishment in the Var, the contrasting and powerful colors of the south have awakened his Mediterranean origins and his passion for painting.

She now devotes herself exclusively to her art.


Her training and her experiences opened up a very wide spectrum of media and techniques such as watercolor, pastel, charcoal... but fascinated by colors and light, she made acrylic her mode of painting. favorite expression to embody strength, shine and materials.

Thanks to the multiple consistencies and textures (sand, gold leaf, bronze, pigment powders, etc.) that it can incorporate

In this medium, she obtains great freedom of expression and creativity which allows her to accentuate the life and beauty that she seeks to express. His art is then expressed without constraints and the emotion produced is felt in all its authenticity.

Sonia has a dazzling palette of vibrant and luminous colors that will not leave you indifferent. Each of his works tells us a story from which emerges an impression of fullness, strength and serenity with life and the sun always strongly present.

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