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Coming from a family of artists, Sonia was born brush in hand and a palette of colours in her cradle.


Her varied career, strewn with pitfalls, enabled her to develop a very specific sensitivity that transpires in each of her works :

Graduated from ENSAMAA Paris (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et Métiers d’Art) she first worked in the various fields of advertising : roughwoman, illustrator, layout artist and finally creative director at Euro-RSCG (Havas Group).

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Mes aquarelles et moi

At the turn of the millennium she took over the management and artistic direction of « l’Art Home Café » a parisian  tea room-art gallery where she often exhibits her own works.

A few years later she got involved in the refloating of « La Dame de Canton », a traditional chinese junk moored at Paris on the river Seine, combining artistic events and gastronomy, for which she was manager and communication designer until 2018.


Her Mediterranean origins woke up since she moved to the French Riviera where she now devotes herself exclusively to her art. The contrasting and powerful colors of the South are since inspiring her palette.


Education as well as experience have opened to her a very wide spectrum of media and techniques, but now her hart is swinging between the vivid language of watercolour and the stimulating versatility of acrylic.

With watercolor she puts all her spontaneity, playing with the transparency of the water mixed with pigments on the paper to rewrite light and shadow.

For landscapes or scenes of life her brush becomes light in order to capture and transcend the moment of emotion. She strives to realize singular visions, to capture the sweetness of an instant of life.


For portraits she takes a vey enthusiastic look at faces, keeping only the essentials and catching the depth of the person. In addition to the fidelity of the portrait, there is a real presence, an expression... or the poetry of the moment.

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Acrylic paves her way for large formats, for powerful colours and compositions inspired by her living environment.

Her art is then expressed without constraints, creating unconventional angles. The verticality of the canvas on the easel allows it great freedom of expression and creativity, the emotion produced is felt in all its authenticity.

Each of her works tells us a story that makes us complicit in her perception of things : an impression of fullness and serenity with life and the sun always strongly present.


For Sonia, a painting is a window unveiling her intimate vision of her surrounding world.

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